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Findus packagin design

Brief: Elevate Findus' appeal to a younger audience through the introduction of new frozen meals accompanied by innovative packaging design. Findus' existing frozen ready meals face significant prejudice and negative perceptions among young consumers. The challenge was to overcome these barriers and establish Findus as the leading option in supermarkets.

After thorough research, we gained insights for our design process. A prevalent prejudice among young consumers was that frozen meals felt unhealthy and unpleasant due to the belief that frozen food loses nutrition and their factory-based production. Another significant perspective was that frozen meals failed to match the deliciousness and freshness associated with homemade dishes.

Armed with these insights, we conceptualized the innovative product, "Portionspuckar." It is frozen pasta sauce in single portions. This does not only simplify the cooking process but it also allows for precise measurement. Importantly, the consumer retains the essence of "homemade" food by combining Findus frozen pasta sauce with their own freshly boiled pasta, making it appear as more nutritious. This product enhances convenience, debunking the myth that frozen meals cannot rival the taste of homemade cuisine.

Group: me, Linn Spångberg, Clara Hedman and Emelie Sturk

We wanted a variety of our pasta sauce collection, featuring four popular flavors. Our default package includes five "Portionspuckar," perfectly tailored to fit even the compact ice boxes commonly found in students' apartments. With five portions available, customers are equipped for a quick meal on each weekday. 

Our packaging is adorned with two strategically placed sticker labels. To ensure versatility across diverse store layouts, we crafted two distinct labels on each package. A vertical label spans three sides, while a horizontal label adorns a single side. Our package suits all stores regardless if it is placed vertically or horizontally.

There are many possibilities expanding this concept with stews, ramen broths, and more. All you need to do is add your preferred carbs for a complete and satisfying meal!