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D&AD New Blood Pencil Winner for Giffgaff

Brief: Tell the story of giffgaff becoming a B Corp, and what that really means through illustration/ animation. The problem is that not everyone understands what a B Corp is. Giffgaff can't brag about being a B-corp if no one understands what the certification means. If things go well, and their B Corp status gets approved, giffgaff want to shout about it. How can we help them to do that? Create illustrations and animations to promote giffgaff as a B Corp, including: Instagram Story assets and at least one OOH activation.

Giffgaff want to help build a more inclusive, sustainable world for them and for their members. With our concept “Benefit all”, there's no doubt about what a B-corp is and what giffgaff stands for. Simple and abstract shapes combined with distinct text symbolize and simplify B-corp's values and make them comprehensible and graspable for the target group.

We broke down the B-corp certification into three parts. B-corps are transforming the global economy to benefit all people, all communities, and the planet. These parts are illustrated using eyes and a spectrum of unique shapes and colors to represent and emphasize each individual, our differences, and how working together will transform the world into a better place that benefits all.

Group: me and Alma Dias-Taguatinga