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DTR1 brand identity

Brief: Give “DTR1” a new brand identity. DTR1 is an early-stage deep tech in the B2B power system operators industry.

As DTR1 embarked on their journey towards possible costumers and sought investment, we recognized the need to create a brand that exuded reliability, flexibility, and expertise. Our strategy work revolved around understanding the crucial factors that potential customers consider when investing in a service. All our research resulted in the birth of the brand "Växel."

We recognized the need for a new name that encapsulated the essence of growth, Swedish heritage, and the power grid industry. We custom made a typeface based on the the idea of shifting up and shifting down also symbolizing flexibility, mirroring Växel's adaptable services. This unique and powerful typeface became the foundation of the brand's identity. Every aspect of the design concept, from the logo to the shapes used as background and design elements, drew inspiration from the typeface. This ensured a cohesive and consistent brand identity that builds reliability. The design principles established a memorable and distinctive visual identity, setting 'Växel' apart in a competitive landscape.

Group: me, Michaela Arvidsson and Emma Gundersen